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Learn to Communicate 
Communicate to Learn


Fitly Spoken, LLC is a private practice offering pediatric speech and language therapy services and support for children with communication delays and disorders.

At Fitly Spoken, our main focus is the child as well as the family. We promote improving the child's skills as well as educating the family on progressive strategies that can carry over into the home. In addition to servicing children with speech and language deficits, we have a unique specialty, Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC), which allows us to reach and help those children who are non-verbal.

We provide our patients with skills and strategies to improve their communicative abilities to become the most effective communicator possible using the most appropriate and accurate
avenue.... whatsoever is "Fitly Spoken" for each child.

Welcome Our New Partner :

Stephanie Knight OTR/L

Providing Occupational Therapy Services


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